Block Grafting in San Jose, CA

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There are many reasons why a patient may need a bone graft. When a tooth is lost the supporting bone is resorbed over several years due to lack of function. If a patient subsequently desires a dental implant, often this bone must be recreated through a grafting procedure. When significant bone has been lost, a block graft is recommended. Block grafting is a complex bone grafting procedure and requires proper training. Dr. Baroudi has extensive knowledge in block grafting and has taken advanced bone grafting courses beyond her residency to master this technique.

Need Block Grafting in San Jose, CA?

A block graft takes a square or rectangle of bone from another area on the jaw or body and fixates it to the recipient site. This can usually be harvested from another site on the jaw. After adequate healing time (4-6 months), implants can be placed in the newly regenerated bone.